About Me

Will Ricciardella is an American writer, admin, producer and host of Unbiased America and Unbiased America Live, respectively. Ricciardella has degrees in political science and economics from California State University, Long Beach. He began advocating for free-market capitalism and constitutional originalism in social media by creating his first page “The Chicago Boys,” espousing the free-market economic philosophy of The Chicago School.

Shortly after, he created “The Analytical Conservative” that sought to disseminate constitutional originalism and commentary on current events from a conservative angle. As co-owner of Unbiased America, Ricciardella hopes to convey classical liberal viewpoints to a broader audience in a fun, entertaining and educational manner to combat the prevailing wisdom of intellectuals in the media and academia.

Ricciardella is a former media reporter for The Daily Caller.

Currently, he is a co-owner of Unbiased America, Managing editor of Occupy Democrats Logic on Facebook, and a writer for Independent Journal Review – IJR.