How To Aid in Communist Oppression: Visit Cuba


Cuba, as tourism to the island 90 miles off the coast of Florida increases, is facing food shortages due to horrible government planning.

Cuban citizens are no match for the well-off foreign tourists that compete for the limited food resources produced in Cuba. Private restaurants that cater to the recent tourist inflows (since Barack Obama loosened travel restrictions), can demand a steeper price than the state-run grocery stores–that depend on an antiquated rationing system–rather than prices for allocating scarce resources with alternative uses.

Without legal protections on personal property, or property rights, many people will not grow new crops, or any crops at all, if they feel the fruit of their labor will not in fact be theirs to sell to the highest bidder for profit.

Without free and unfettered prices, profits on goods the public demands cannot act as a signal to businesses to grow a particular crop, or produce a particular good that the market demands.

Profits provide the impetus for people to create, innovate, and produce goods that the people want to begin with. Prices ensure that these resources or goods that have alternative uses, are used efficiently, and flow to whom and where they are most valued, raising the standard of living for all.

To demonize profits, and free markets, is inimical to the well-being of everyone, particularly the poor, as we’ve seen all the over the globe, at differing times and places, when governments allocate resources rather than free-markets/prices.

Socialism is the triumph of ideology over facts, the pursuit of central power over compassion, and the aggrandizement of the ruling class at the expense of the very people they claim to want to help.

The US had good reason to place an embargo on Cuba, so as to prevent propping up a Communist regime that oppresses its own people. A great time to visit Cuba is when the Castro regime is no more, and free-markets and the civil society can flourish.