Media Attempts To Omit Word Terrorism in Reports of Orlando Terror Attack

The New York Times Co. newspaper is displayed for sale at a newsstand in New York, U.S., on Tuesday, Oct.18, 2011. The New York Times Co. is scheduled to release quarterly earnings on Oct. 20. Photographer: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In an effort to revise history, the establishment media refused to call the Orlando shooting a terrorist attack in their reports marking the one year anniversary of the tragedy.

Despite ISIS propaganda calling for attacks just like the one carried out by Omar Mateeen, the establishment media conveniently forgot to mention radical Islam as a motive, characterizing it only as a “mass shooting” or a massacre.

Mateen left little ambiguity as to why he carried out the attacks – leaving 49 dead – when he called 911 and explicitly pledged his allegiance to the terrorist organization in the very fashion ISIS propaganda has outlined. The New York Times in June of last year described his “pubic oath” as the “only requirement”  that ISIS demands of those that carry out terror attacks in their name.

The Washington Post clearly had their heads in the sand, writing a  headline that read t “49 People Died” at Pulse, despite the fact that they were wantonly slaughtered by a terrorist inspired by the Islamic State. Using the word “died” is more appropriate when a death occurs naturally, rather than at the hands of an ideological zealot hellbent on maiming and murdering people enjoying themselves at a dance club.

Ironically,  the aforementioned New York Times, mention he was motivated by the “Islamic state,” but proceeded to only refer to it as a “mass shooting” or “massacre” only using the word “terror” or “terrorism” in references to an article written by The Police Foundation.

They even quoted Orlando’s police chief, John Mina, who described the shooting as a “terrorist-hostage situation,” but didn’t feel it necessary to include the term in their own reportage. I suppose The New York Times knows how to better characterize the attack than the Orlando police chief.

In an intrepid effort to outdo themselves, The New York Times actually decries national coverage “linking Islam to the massacre,” declaring in a headline that it’s been a “Year of Racism” since the Orlando Terror Attack. The author dubiously links an uptick in the “stereotyping” of Muslims due to a then Candidate Donald Trump’s tweet referring to the attack as “radical Islamic terrorism.”

In ABC’s 2 1/2 minute television report, Mateen was not referred to once as a terrorist, and instead referred to as a “gunman” in a “mass shooting.” The headline read “massacre” where it easily could’ve said “terror attack.” Like the New York Times, briefly mentioned was Mateen’s declaration of allegiance to ISIS as though it was steadfastly unconnected to the attacks, just so the media could check off the “at least I mentioned it” box.

It is certainly in bounds for a media outlet to call the terror attack a mass shooting, but to call it that for the purpose of omitting his motives is overwhelmingly disingenuous. The establishment media is certainly no stranger when it comes to disingenuous reporting to fit their desired narrative.

Earlier in the week, the same establishment media tried to gloss over the anti-Trump sentiments of Reality Winner as a possible motive for releasing classified documents.

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